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Tent, 2 person: $15/day $25/trip
Tent, 2-3 person: $15/day $25/trip 7x7 ft footprint
Tent, 4 person: $20/day $30/trip 7x9 ft footprint
Sleeping Bag 55F: $10/day $20/trip rated for 55 F degrees
Sleeping Bag 32F: $10/day $20/trip rated for 32 F degrees
Sleeping Bag 10F: $10/day $20/trip rated for 10 F degree
Inflatable Mattress: $5/day $8/trip 48x72 inches
Sleeping Pad: $5/day $10/trip 30x72 inches
Pillow: free/trip
Cooking stove C-1: $7/day $12/trip

propane single burner, propane bottle included

Cooking stove C-2: $10/day $15/trip double burner, bring your own liquid camp fuel
Cook set: $5/day $8/trip cook pot, stew pot, coffee pot
Fry pan: $2/day $3/trip
Kitchen utensils: $3/day $5/trip utensils, wooden spoon, knives
Water container: $5/trip 5 gallon tank
Cutting board: $1/trip
Mug, cup: $1/day $2/trip set for two
Silverware: $1/day $2/trip set for two
Plates: $2/day $3/trip set for two (plates, bowls)
Wash pot: $1/trip
Flashlight: $2/day $3/trip
Cooking spice: $3/trip salt, pepper, BBQ spice
Wash bucket: $2/trip collapsible wash bucket

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